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Jamaican Pearl Marijuana Strain Review

Weed - Jamaican Pearl Marijuana Strain Review

Marijuana strains cultivated on an isolated island tend to be a bit mystical. The rhythms of island life can fluctuate fast. Transforming from a lush tropical paradise one moment, into a tsunami scrubbed, earthquake shaken strip of land – barren of all nutrients needed to grow good weed.

Fortunately for the Rastafarians of Jamaica the last recorded tsunami and earthquake occurred in 1692, which has allowed the Jamaican marijuana cultivators ample time to perfect one of their most notable national treasures – the Jamaican Pearl.

Jamaican Pearl marijuana seeds blossom into a sativa dominant plant, providing a mellow high with rich pungent flavors. Evocative of the Caribbean’s rich rasta history. This mostly sativa dominant hybrid has a Jamaican mother, Marley’s Collie. Marley is most probably a descendant of old world sativa strains from southern India, regardless – she’s acclimated to the island style now – and loving it. A carefully selected and cultivated strain this pungent genetic variant captures the rich fruit flavors and breezy cerebral high that is most often associated with weed from the island of Jamaica.

The genetic experts at Sensi seed bank chose a special early Pearl mail as the ideal pollen donor for keeping the magic, but speeding, the flower time a bit. The early Pearl strain is well known as a fast flowering and vigorous plant, yet it’s sweet, heady qualities also make it a neutral influence on the flavors and high characteristics of the Caribbean, allowing the flavors and high from Marley’s Collie to shine through.

Jamaican Pearl is a hardy plant that grows beautifully indoors or out, in climates both warm and cold – thriving as far north as 60° latitude. This plant excels in the vegetative growth cycle, as such she requires that cultivators pay close attention to the daily growth spurts when cultivated indoors, making sure the plants don’t get too close to the lights and that they receive proper nutrition to support their vigorous growth.

An enthusiastic fast-growing strain, Jamaican Pearl is notorious for forming tall, thick stems, with branches that reach aggressively towards the sky. Jamaican Pearl’s buds clustered down the branch then begin the filling in the gaps as they ripen to full expression creating a colossal yield.

The buds from this plant produce luscious aromas of tropical fruit, with a hint of exotic spice, punctuated at the exhale. The elevated mental altitude is subtle – and rich with clarity; with an approximate 30 min. lag time between consumption and elevated mental state, it’s easy to forget why things are so funny – until you remember you just hit the Jamaican Pearl.

Strain: 60% indica  / 40% Sativa

Buzz Type: Energetic, providing clarity, a happy high, creeper weed – (30 min. plus to feel effect)

Flavor: Fruity, earthy, rich with down-to-earth aromas

Budding period: 50 to 70 days from Veg to fully expressed flower

Genetics: mother’s – Marley’s Collie x  father’s – Early Pearl

Yield: 8 ounces – 16 ounces

Preferred grow environment: based on her love to go big… Or go home, this strain is generally recommended for outdoor cultivators. However she also works well in an indoor SOG grow environment as well.

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Jamaican Pearl Marijuana Strain Review

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