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Ogre Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Weed - Ogre Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Are you tired, traffic weary…and ready to end the workweek? Me too…

And when I get home later this afternoon, after doing bumper-to-bumper combat on the 405 freeway – my reward for not nutting up, will be a fat bong rip of some stinky Ogre. Very few of today’s modern strains offer the sense of peacefulness and insight…while allowing for a deep restful night’s sleep.

Basic Info: Ogre is a Green Beast within the world of cannabis genetics, known for being able to handle newbie abuse, while maintaining the ability to rebound before the critical switch from vegetation, to flower. An autoflowering Sativa-dominant cross of Secret Citrus (autofem) x Durban Skunk. Ogre is unique within the autofem world, demonstrating accelerated growth patterns with the ability to produce nice yields with oversized, sticky and aromatic buds.

Affect: Providing a deep sense of relaxation, this (seemingly) never-ending high allows for clarity of thought while elevating creativity.

Scent: A Lemony citrus aroma with a slight whiff of licorice…complemented by a dash of mint.

Growth and Seed Info: This ugly little beast packs on the vegetation quick. After first exposing her pistols, lady Ogre will continue with accelerated vegetation for approximately 2 – 3 weeks, before flowering kicks into high gear – multiplying her height at time of sexing – by 3 to 5 times.

Tidbits: For indoor cultivators which have suffered the indignity of watching your hard earned flowers being enveloped by resin hungry spider mites, this strain will come as a pleasant détente in that battle. As the lady ogre has demonstrated a fortified resistance to the spider mites quest for destruction.

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Ogre Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

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