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BluTree - RS11 1G

BluTree - RS11 1G


Blue tree

To create our unique product we take every step to ensure minimal oxidisation. From there we leverage only strain specific live cannabis derived volatiles for flavor, aroma and effect regulation. The natural antioxidant properties to keep these as clear as they start is an added bonus. Our priority has and always will be nailing flavor and effects to be true to the buds they came from. Different profiles have different volatiles with different capacities of preventing oxidisation thus resulting in  subtle differences between strains.


In order to ensure the most optimal flavor and vapor experience, BLUTREE Melted Diamond cartridges are formulated to work best at 3.2v- 3.5v power setting on 510 thread batteries. This power range is the typical “high” setting on most batteries.


Is it distillate?

Not quite, distillate is purified based off of boiling points and recondensing vapor (distillation). Our product is purified via crystallization to pure thca. From there all it needs is a little heat.


Introducing the first 100% Melted Diamond cartridge infused with natural full spectrum strain specific cannabis extracted terpenes by BLUTREE.


BLUTREE cartridges start with material from some of the best indoor growers in Los Angeles. We extract our terpenes from 100% premium indoor cannabis. Utilizing ultra low extraction temperatures, we are able to fully preserve the complexity of the terpene profile, thus achieving an unrivaled natural flavor experience which reflects the true genetic expression of your favorite exotic strains. Once extracted, the  terpenes are infused with our Melted Diamonds and then paired with our ceramic cartridge. Meticulous production standards virtually eliminate oxidation, prevent color degradation, and ensure maximum clarity till the last drop, culminating in the truest and purest flavor experience ever offered.


Our exacting standards don’t stop at the material. Our ceramic cartridge hardware has been selected after extensive testing in order to ensure the highest quality flavor experience and reliability. Our cartridge is constructed from premium zirconia ceramic, hypoallergenic borosilicate glass, and features a specially engineered heating coil embedded within a ceramic core. This prevents overheating, ensuring even vaporization and preserving delicate terpene profiles until the last drop.


Made from 100% CAT3 small batch indoor cannabis. Premium zirconia ceramic and borosilicate glass 510 thread cartridge. No fillers. No fake terps. No corners cut.